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iHelios Installation Training

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This course will teach electrical contractors how to install iHelios Infrared heating systems in compliance with BS 60335, the Electrical Safety Quality and Continuity Regulations and the new IET Code of Practice. By the end of the course, candidates will understand how to install iHelios heating in compliance with BS 60335, the Electrical Safety Quality. Using a patented thermal film, concealed in ceilings, floors, the system provides a heat source that emits radiant heat throughout the room without the need for a boiler, gas supply, or radiators. iHelios Film creates infrared radiation which, rather than heating the air, delivers heat directly to objects in the room. This consumes much less electricity than heating the entire volume of property for occupants to be comfortable. It also has a ‘heatfeel’ which is 2 or 3 degrees warmer than the temperature contributing to less energy usage. Each room is thermostatically controlled to provide pleasant heat for your commercial or residential development within minutes. The heating solution makes a significant contribution towards decarbonisation globally. Our mission is to provide an alternative to gas heating systems and help properties to be fit for purpose ahead of the 2025 Future Homes Standard deadline which will ban the installation of gas boilers due to the harmful Co2 emissions being produced.

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