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Heating Reinvented.
Energy-Efficient Smart Heating Solutions.



Smart Heating System

We can reduce the energy consumption of your property from between 30% and near 100% , changing the way you think about heating, lighting, and security.

iHelios Radiant heating system is a significant breakthrough in environmentally friendly heating technology. It has a UK Declaration of Conformity (UKCA) for Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection. The cost-effective and eco qualities of the iHelios heating system are due to several attributes.



Unique System

What makes the iHelios heating system even more remarkable is that produces instant, healthy, infrared radiant heat. So unlike convector heating, such as radiators, it doesn’t warm the air, but the objects in the room.  It’s the same feeling you get on a cold day when the sun is shining.  That warm, radiant feeling, though with iHelios, you have complete control over each room.

Image of Warm home by iHelios Unquie Smart Heating System


Image of Man reading to baby on iHelios Heating Solutions page

Safe & Efficient

Electrical and Mechanical Engineers have used PTC technology for many years as they recognise its ability to make heating systems more reliable, safe, and cost-effective than traditional resistance wire electric heaters. Unlike typical heating elements, which require a resistance wire to generate heat, PTC heating elements are tiny semiconductor ceramic stones that can be manufactured to an exact design.

PTC devices do not burn oxygen, making them safer and more energy efficient. They cannot overheat and are self-limiting as when their temperature, and consequently the resistance increases, the current flow through the devise decreases, resulting in the maximum operating temperature for the iHelios system set to a safe 54 degrees centigrade.


The iHelios Heating System.

The iHelios Radiant heating is our patented wafer-thin heating film.

It is can be placed within the ceiling (suspended or exposed), under floors or in panels. This heating reduces your energy consumption by between 30% to near 100%.

Concealed by design.

The iHelios heating system can be concealed within ceilings or underfloor or made to measure for bespoke ceiling or panels to maximise all available space.

With iHelios, there are no unsightly radiators or vents, so you can utilise all available space providing you with a clear, blank canvas.

Maintenance free.

Suitable for all projects.

Whether a new domestic or commercial build, a refurbishment or a retrofit project, the iHelios system is perfectly sized and designed to meet the exact heating requirements of your project.

Simple to size.

Our in-house design team will provide you with a comprehensive design proposal and costings based on a planned layout of your property or project.

Unlike all other heating systems, the iHelios system consists of four non-moving components and requires no maintenance.


Get your project done.

We're committed to providing our customers with the support they need to bring their  projects to life. Our quote process is easy and efficient, and all enquires are served within 3 days. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you with your  needs.

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